Hard Water Filter
A Complete Buying Guide


For better physical appearance and healthy skin, the use of a hard water filter is essential to ensure the purity of your daily water. You may not know the importance of a hard water filter for clean and pure water. But you have come to the right place and we ensure you that you will be suggested the best water filters to get the best water for daily usage.

Before we give you a bunch of our best picked and recommended hard water filter products and you start buying them, you must know some things about hard water filter. Like why you need a hard water filter, what are the advantages of this product, should you buy this product, is it really necessary for a better life and so on. The question never ends. And you know what? Try to find a chair around you and sit on it & keep scrolling your eyes. Because we will try to cover up all the questions for you. And if you already know about all these things and just wanna ignore them, then click here to go the best & recommended products section. Then find the best one for you or your family and buy it.

Dry skin ? Dry scalp ? Faded clothes ? Stained sinks and bathtubs ?  Brittle nails ? Is your hair getting dull and faded ? Are you losing hair ? Is your skin getting dry and itchy ? Do you feel your skin getting irritated after a shower ?

Are these types of questions bothering you, mate ? Here is the solution for all your questions 🙂

All of this is happening because of the hard water that you are using. What differs hard water from normal water? It is the amount of hard material and contamination caused by chemicals. Chemicals like sulfate and chloride compound. A good hard water filter can filter these materials and chemicals for you. As it keeps the water clean and soft it also removes the odor.

Now we are gonna show you some of the best hard water filters that you can buy at your budget. You can totally trust these products because they are used by thousands of peoples. Also,  they gave their positive reviews on these products including the reasons. We are gonna highlight them too for sure…

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Hard Water Filter For Shower
Hard Water Filter For Shower Products
Damage of cold water – How bad is gold water
Damage of cold water – How bad is gold water
The three states of water: liquid, solid and gaseous
The three states of water: liquid, solid and gaseous


✔ Made out of stainless steel no  need to worry about rust.
✔ No electric tool necessary.

✔ Serves soft, pure chlorine-free drinkable water.
✔ Filters 75 gallons of water per day.
✔ 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

✔ Quick and easy to install

✔ Outstanding quality product at an affordable price

✔ Best for your skin and hair improvement. Customers got results after a few weeks of usage.


✔ Removes noticeable amount of chlorine.
✔ Easy to install. Just screw in between the showerhead and water pipe
✔ Removes odor and hard metals from water.

✔ It comes with a showerhead so you don’t have to buy another.
✔ Removes excess heavy metal.
✔ Reduces chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand, and other sediments.

✔ Multi-functional and the shower type can be changed to rain, power rain & massage.
✔ Small in size and lightweight.
✔ Universal shower head means can be installed at any shower.

✔ Can be installed in the handheld shower, rain or filtered shower head
✔ It can be used on a handheld shower, baby shower, and on the kitchen.

✔ It can be used with a handheld shower.
✔ Long-lasting pure water supply at the best price.
✔ Very lightweight and easy to install.

✔ Has a universal shower head. It can be installed anywhere.
✔ Long-lasting. After at-least 6months you have to change the filter.
✔ Removes chlorine and chloramine very effectively.

✔ It can be installed in a handheld shower.
✔ On normal water pressure, it serves pretty well.

✔ Your pipes get less clogging and stay clean.
✔ Produce drinkable water.
✔ Cleans the salt.

Best Showerhead Filter Reviews – (Updated List)

When it’s about drinking water you can not compromise the health of your family not even yourself. You have to trust the best of the best in order to get the best. That’s why we are advising you on the best water purifier/ softener according to the users around the whole world. All these people used and gave their best feedback so that you can trust your product and get the best results. 

Dramatically Removes Bacteria And Viruses

The producer of this water softener has ensured that it will remove up to 99.999% viruses and pathogenic bacteria as well. Moreover, it removes protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium, trihalomethanes, inorganic materials, heavy metals (including arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium), pharmaceutical drugs (such as Acetaminophen,  caffeine, Ibuprofen, Progesterone, Triclosan), etc.

According to an independent test Berkey hard water filter has filtered radioactive chemicals such as Uranium, Lead, Mercury, etc. It has also filtered hard materials like Arsenic, Copper, Aluminum, Strontium, etc. It proves that this water filter makes sure that the water that you are drinking is totally safe and drinkable.

User-Friendly Settings And Easy To Install

Most of the time water filters like this can get to your nerves and end up costing you a hefty amount of money. But this particular filter does not need any of it. You don’t need a plumber, you don’t even need to know anything about electric circuits. All you have to do is put in all the parts together according to the instructions and pour in your water. Then let the filter do its job.

Frequently ASK Question


Made out of stainless steel no  need to worry about rust.
No electric tool necessary.


Not much to say.

Price is little high compare to others but worth it

First of all, we are gonna recommend you the best hard water filter or water softener for filtering your water and make it drinkable. If you can’t drink it then you better not use it for anything. And if the water is drinkable then you know it’s safe for anything from washing vegetables to cooking meals.

This hard water filter removes up to 99% of dissolved chemicals and hard minerals from your water.  Moreover, it also turns the water into mineral water by adding minerals. This product has earned the tag of Amazon’s choice by serving people the best water ever.

Solves Almost All The Problems Of Your Water

This filter will remove 98% of chemicals including chloramine and other hard materials. This hard water filter will solve problems like canister filter housing leaks. It will also fix the water flow by controlling it manually. The filter will make sure no water gets wasted during the process of filtration and also it will cut down the service charges you used to spend before.

It also servers great tasting water because of the minerals that produce the mineral water. So you are getting soft, clean and great tasting water with a great flow and efficiency at an affordable price.

More Water Efficiency & Faster Flow Rate

This advanced water filtration system includes a non-electric permeate pump which helps the water system to reduce water waste and make the water purification 50% more effective. The filters reverse osmosis kit uses larger fittings, pipes, and tubes in order to flow water more fluently.

Easy To Reinstall Filters

Most of the time this kind of reverse osmosis water filters cause a lot of hard work to install and also costs a lot of money. But Home Master is making this product so easy to install that you won’t even need a plumber to install it nor to replace the filters.

You’re gonna have to replace the filters every year. It’s a revolutionary design and push-in fittings help you to replace the filters with just a push. Not even a wrench is needed.

Frequently ASK Question

A:  The minimum hole size is 1/2″.

The maximum hole size is 1-3/8″.


Serves soft, pure chlorine-free drinkable water.
Filters 75 gallons of water per day.
5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


It doesn’t contain a UV lighting system that kills bacteria.
Not a cheap option.

Best Rated Hard Water Filters For Shower On Amazon

Just like every other hard water filer AquaBliss High revitalizing shower filter filters all the hard materials from your everyday water. But what makes AquaBliss SF100 so special that it has been rated by over 6200 people on amazon where more than 75% are 5 stars. It has also been marked as Amazon’s choices which means Amazon highly recommended this product.

Well, Aquabliss ensured that you will get the best results from this product out of every other product on the market. And those ratings approves that.  However, they claimed that after installing the filter you will get immediate results.

This Hard Water Filter Heals Your Water And Your Body Too

It will remove all the chemicals and minerals and serve you clean soft water.  This hard water filter will also remove the bad odor out of your water as well. Its multi-stage advanced health filter reduces chlorine, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dirt, odors.

These hard water filters also help to control the scale build-up and restores the damage that your water did to your hair, skin and your nails. This is the best part of the product that it just doesn’t remove the hard materials, it heals your body. It heals the damage that has been done by the water that you used to use.


This shower hard water filter can filter around 10,000 – 12,000 gallons of water in its lifetime. It also depends on the level of contamination of your water.  But you can change the filters and reuse them. Unfortunately, some users claimed that replacing the filters didn’t work out that well. But before that everything was super smooth.

Easy To Set Up

This hard water filter is also easy to install where you don’t even need to use any tools, not even a screwdriver. easier than using legos. All you gotta do is screw it in the shower holder and then screw in the showerhead.

Family-Friendly And Clean

It’s heavy-duty, easy to install hard water filters that can filter any kind of hard minerals including chlorine.  And those minerals are the prime reasons for your itchy, dry hair and skin. So no more irritating skin no more dry scalp just install this trustworthy product and give your body what it deserves.

It does no harm to your pets or your kids. As a result, it can be used by anyone and on anything.

Frequently ASK Question

A: If your water pressure is normally high then it won’t be any problem. But clogging the filter after using it for several months it will create pressure eventually.

A: It surely filters chlorine but other materials are not so sure. But showering with this filter is safer for sure.


Quick and easy to install

Outstanding quality product at an affordable price

Best for your skin and hair improvement. Customers got results after a few weeks of usage.

Heals your damaged skin and hair with essential vitamins and minerals.

Results can be visible in 1 week


Water pressure builds up when left on for a long time

The previous product didn’t help? Well, we got a long list of showers that we can suggest to you. This Aqua homegroup 15 stage shower filter can provide you clean and softer water. 

This Hard Water Filter Heals Your Body

Give your body the best care it deserves. They ensured that you will get softer skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair after using this product. This hard water filter contains vitamin C and it fixes hard water. They can remove chlorine, fluoride, and every other heavy metal from your water and make it soft and healthy.

Removes Odors From The Water

If you have a muddy smell of chlorine on your water and you also smell the same after a shower, then this filter is the best choice for you. Aquahomegroup 15 stage water filter removes odor from your water and gives you a pleasant shower.

Best Filter For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and you often get irritative skin problems. Then this filter will provide you the best type of water which can fix your problems right away. This hard water filter will filter the chlorine, fluoride and all the other hard materials from your water so that your skin stays safe from all types of problems.

A Family-Friendly Hard Water Filter For Apartment

Also, this filter is pet and kids friendly. This means it can be used by anyone and it will provide the same results for everyone. Dry itchy skin and dandruff can be fixed by this hard water filter.

Very Light Weight And Easy To Set up

This hard water filters only wights 7 ounces around 200gm. So It’s not a risk to hang it up in the shower. Also, it is pretty easy to install. All you need to do is screw it in the shower head holder and then install the showerhead. No batteries needed nor any extra power to start the filter. Just install.

This filter also comes with 1 extra shower filter cartridge to make sure you never run out of fresh and clean water!

Frequently ASK Question

A: Yes. You will get 2 of them.

A: After a few months, yes. The filter slows down a little.


Removes noticeable amount of chlorine.
Easy to install. Just screw in between the showerhead and water pipe
Removes odor and hard metals from water.
It can be used as a handheld shower or any water equipment that fits it


Contains plastic product. So damages can be expected while delivery.

One Of The Top Rated Shower Filters

This hard water filter comes with a showerhead which will give you the feeling of showering in the rain. Yeah its a rain shower. It has been marked as Amazon’s choice and it makes it much more suggestible. Over 3500 rated this product and they suggested using it.  Over 80% of 5-star and 13% 4-star ratings with an average of 4.7 out of 5-star has been earned. It only takes a few minutes to install and people claimed it changed their whole lifestyle.

Provides Skin And Health Benefits

With vitamin C and E cartridge installed in the showerhead, it is believed that they have a pretty good effect on your skin. But some people claim that it does no good for our health or skin. However, the filter itself will provide your safer and chlorine-free water so it’s always better and safe to use this hard water filter than nothing.

Very Light Weight And Easy To Install

The filter only weighs around 2.4 pounds which makes it easier and safer to use. Also, it doesn’t need any tools for installation. All you need is to screw it in the water supplier and let it drain for a while. Because the first 5-10 minutes may leak some filter dust with the water. But after that, it will be dust free and clean soft water that you can use for anything.

Improves Hair Quality

Even using the best shampoo and hair treatments may not save your hair. If your water isn’t helping then nothing will help. Because of the hard water that your home supplies may contain materials that harm your hair in many ways. Like getting them dry and itchy.

Some of the users have admitted that this filter among all the other hard water filters performed very satisfyingly. Especially with the hair. It is obvious that filtered water will provide better care to your hair than normal non-filtered water.

Frequently ASK Question

A: After 6 months depending on the quality of your water.

A: Yes but you have to replace the filter often if the consistency of iron is high.


It comes with a showerhead so you don’t have to buy another.
Removes excess heavy metal.
Reduces chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand, and other sediments.
Reduces wasteful water flow.


It creates a loud noise.
Some users complained that the filter gets clogged way to fast

It’s A Multi-Function Hard Water Filter Showerhead

There is a reason why this showerhead with a hard water filter is called multi-functional. You can regulate the water flow and change it to rain, power rain, massage. These different flows of water will give you a shower of your choice. They also come with 2 replacement cartridge. Each cartridge will provide you with safe soft water for around 6 months.

Removes Chlorine, Flouride, And Other Dissolved Minerals

If you have researched our other shower filters then you know all of them to ensure that they will filter harmful chlorine. But none of them ensured that they will filter fluoride. Guess what? This hard water filter will filter the harmful fluoride that your water has been serving you all these years. The producers have ensured that this hard water filter will reduce a huge amount of chlorine along with other hard dissolve materials.

Light Weight And Easy To Install

The product only weighs 6.1ounces and it is just as easy as the other products. All you have to do is screw it in the water supplier and let it run for around 5-10 minutes. It will clear the dust inside the filter and after that everything will be clean and soft.

It Filters Iron

Some of the filters do not remove or reduce the iron that contaminates your water. But this filter does.  Pure function multifunction shower head is just not an ordinary shower filter it also filters a high amount of iron that causes a lot of damages to your skin and hair.

Iron can make your hair dry and cause problems like split end and brittle hair. Moreover, iron can change the color of your hair and give it an odor. Your hair gets really brassy after showering a long time in iron contaminated water. To avoid this problem you can use hard water filters on your shower.

Frequently ASK Question

A: The product description says it removes 99.99% chlorine, fluoride, hard dissolved materials like chrome, calcium, iron, and chloramines.


Multi-functional and the shower type can be changed to rain, power rain & massage.
Small in size and lightweight.
Universal shower head means can be installed at any shower.
Lasts longer than usual.


Not much to say.

This hard water filter will provide your chlorine-free soft water in the first use. This filter is easy to use, cost-effective and most importantly you can install it in your almost every water equipment. 

Comes With Essential Health Benefits

This water filter softens the water and saves your skin from getting dry and itchy. Also, it helps to save your hair by removing iron and other hard materials including chlorine. This filter contains vitamin C and KDF-55 which will help to not only repair your hair but also giving it nutrition which has been missing in your water.

This Hard Water Filter Saves Your Skin & Hair

This shower is sensitive skin-friendly.  Which makes it usable by babies and people with sensitive skin. Usually, your daily water contains chlorine which is really harmful to your baby and your sensitive skin. Chlorine generates problems like scaling skin, red patching, or a rash. Most of the time doctors recommend getting rid of the chlorine from your water.

And the easiest way to get rid of chlorine is to use hard water filters. That’s when you use Nepwiz 15 stage hard water filter. It can filter out almost all the chlorine out of your water and serve you fresh soft and clean water. This water can be used for babies and anyone with sensitive skin.

It also removes bad odor from your water caused by chlorine.

Can Be Used On Several Water Equipment

This is the best thing about this filter. You can use this hard water filter on baby, handheld, rain or filtered shower head. Which makes it versatile and easy to use. Installed the filter on your shower? Don’t want it on the shower anymore? Just unscrew it and screw it in your handheld shower or kitchen sink. But we do not recommend drinking water from this filter.


Can be installed in the handheld shower, rain or filtered shower head
It can be used on a handheld shower, baby shower, and on the kitchen.
Filters chlorine chloramine and other hard materials effectively.
Repairs hair, skin, and removes the odor.


Replacing filters didn’t fit according to some reviews

This filter is marked as Amazon’s Choice and the reason is obvious. More than 80% of the reviews of this product is 5 stars.  This hard water filter will provide you chlorine, chloramine and odor-free soft clean and healthy water. No need to call any mechanic or plumber. It is so easy to install that even your kids can do it.

It is a light-weighted, cheap and long-lasting hard water filter which will come with two filters total. One for the first-time usage and another for a refill.

Provides Safe Water At The Best Price

This hard water filter will provide you the best results at an affordable price. Most of the users agreed with the fact that this product removes chlorine effectively and they have proofs too. First of all not this much people are gonna bluff around about a product for no reason. They actually used this water softener and they loved it.

All in all this hard water filter saves your money, water, and your beauty at the same time. If you have any doubt just click the link below and check out what the other users are saying about this hard water filter. Their suggestion and their reviews contain much more important than our words.

Odor-Free Skin And Hair Protection

The amount of chlorine causes the bleachy odor in your water. To get rid of the odor you can try this hard water filter. This filter just not provides odor-free water but also saves your skin from getting dry, dull, itchy, etc by removing the chlorine chloramine and other hard materials. Also, by removing these harmful materials this filter saves your hair as well.

Because of the amount of chlorine, chloramine, and iron in your water your hair can get dry, weak and dull very easily. This filter will show you results in just a week and you will get your shiny, healthy, happy hair back.

Frequently ASK Question

A: Not much effective. Research says not more than 50% of the chlorine can be removed by vitamin C filter.

A: After 6 months. It also depends on the quality of your water. More iron less lifetime.

A: Not much effective against rust.


It can be used with a handheld shower.
Long-lasting pure water supply at the best price.
Very lightweight and easy to install.


It is not much effective against rust.

This filter is the other version of AquaBliss SF100. They are like brothers. But SF220 has some new features that will ease up your life. Like it can be installed in your handheld shower. Also, they claim that its water is drinkable. It also removes the greasy feeling you get every time after showering. It also heals your skin, hair, and nails as well.

Provides The Best Pure, Soft Water

SF100 is the top-rated water filter by Aquabliss. Which makes it more trustworthy and preferable. SF220 is the latest version of Aquabliss shower filters. However, SF220 is known to be more effective against chloramine and chlorine than SF100. It’s a heavy-duty hard water filter that has the best records of removing chlorine, heavy metals, mercury, lead, etc. from the water.

This Water Softener Reverses The Damages Of Your Hair And Skin

Rough skin, damaged hair, broken hair, dry itchy skin, etc can be solved by this hard water filter. And it can bring back the soft and glowing skin you actually have. Because it removes the chemicals and materials that hide your real beauty.

Easy To Install And Multifunctional

Just like every other filter, this one is also easy to install. Just screw it in the showerhead holder and add the showerhead. It will start working immediately. Just let it drain the water for 5 minutes so that the dust of the activated carbon inside can clean up.

You can also install it in your handheld shower and other water equipment if you can fit it in.

Frequently ASK Question

A: No. Everything necessary comes with the filter.

A: Every 6-8 months according to your water quality. If it gets clogged change it.

A: Yes it is. But SF100 is recommended for hair problems like dandruff, dry scalp, etc.


Has a universal shower head. It can be installed anywhere.
Long-lasting. After at-least 6months you have to change the filter.
Removes chlorine and chloramine very effectively.


The water pressure gets slightly decreased.

This is the 8th product on our list and you know that the best product is on the top of the list. Which means this product is gonna be a little underrated than the others. But that doesn’t mean this water softener doesn’t work. This product can clean and soften your water just as effectively as the others.

Removes Several Harmful Chemicals And Materials

Activated Carbon Charcoal Calcium Sulfite, Negative Ion Maifan Balls, and KDF 55 are installed in this filter and they can filter out chlorine, and hard metal such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium, etc. This type of hard metals can cause serious health issues and lead to life long damages even death.

Solves Several Medical Issues

This hard water filter will filter out all the harmful elements from your water that has been damaging you and your skin, hair, and other parts. This filter claims to solve problems like Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Cancer, and Bronchitis. It can be used for sensitive skin and baby skin too. This filter is applicable for bathing your pets.

Also, using this filter will help you with your skin problems like dry & itchy skin. It will also provide care for your hair. Usually, bad water causes severe damage to your hair and only a few people can recover that damage. However, the Echo shower hard water filter will fix your water and provide fresh, soft water for your damaged hair and cure it.

Easy To Install & Applies To Multiple Types Of Equipment

This hard water filter can be installed in your handheld shower and can be used just as effectively as an over-head shower. Just unscrew your shower head from the water supplier and screw in the whole filter. Then connect the showerhead with the filter.

Frequently ASK Question

A:  Each cartridge lasts a maximum of 6monts. It depends on the quality of your water.

A: Yes. It comes with a total of 2 cartridges.

A: Normal water pressure will not be a problem but high pressure may affect water flow.


It can be installed in a handheld shower.
On normal water pressure, it serves pretty well.


According to one critical report, this filter doesn’t remove chlorine that mush in the long run.

Hard Water Filter For Whole House

If you are looking for a way to filter all the hard materials out of your water for the whole house at once. Then this hard water filter or water softener also known as water conditioner is the best choice for you. It will cost a little extra than the others, but it will filter water for the whole house.

Trustworthy Water Softener For Whole House

This hard water filter has been marked by the amazon as their choices. So that means it has been verified by the Amazon and it will provide you the safest, softest water without any doubt. A lot of people used it for more than 9months and running. They found it very useful and they appreciated the quality of the product.

Removes Harmful Chemicals From Your Water

Do you get tired of cleaning the stain out of your daily used products such as your kettle, washing machine, clothes, etc? Then this water conditioner is the solution for your easy life.  This hard water filter of water softener will remove most of the chlorine from your water and make it odor free and harmless to your body skin, hair, cloth, and other hardware equipment. It doesn’t remove limescale but it will stop making new ones.

It Does Not Remove Hard Minerals But…

This hard water filter doesn’t remove any hard materials from your water but instead, it realigns the ions of the hard materials. As a result, they don’t stick with your body, hair or your machinery or your equipment at all. Instead, they get washed off and helps to keep your cloth, skin, hair and your dishes clean and junk-free.

Can Be Used For Any Household Works

This water softener can clean the water so good that you can use it to wash your food, clothes, anything you name it. Even drinking its water is safe. What you wouldn’t do with a filter that provides water that’s safe enough to drink? You can use it to wash, drink, gardening anything. It won’t cause any dust or any layer of hard materials that can not be cleaned easily. As I said, this water softener doesn’t remove the hard materials bu instead it helps not to stick them with anything.

Frequently ASK Question

A: No it doesn’t. What it does is that it makes the minerals unattachable so that they don’t stick to the surface of anything it touches.

A: Yes. It comes with two different circuits.


Your pipes get less clogging and stay clean.
Produce drinkable water.
Cleans the salt.


It doesn’t remove hard minerals so hard water problems may remain the same.
Not usable on lead or iron pipes because of the magnetic effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have suggested several shower filters for you and each one of them can be trusted. And there are several reasons why you should start using a shower filter. Shower filters are often recommended by doctors because they clean your water and helps to heal your skin and hair from severe damages caused by your hard water. Water softener softens the water and removes harmful chemicals including a lot of hard minerals.

Hard Water Filter For Shower Head To Avoid Skin Damages

First of all these hard water filters will remove chlorine. Well, a minimum amount of chlorine is necessary for your water because chlorine removes bacteria and a lot of harmful elements. But an excessive amount of chlorine can damage your skin as well as your hair. Chlorine causes problems like scaling skin, red patching, or a hard to remove rash. Swimmers are all aware of these problems because they often get close to chlorinated waters. To avoid these types of problems and have a fresh safe shower you need to install a water softener in your shower head.

Some of these filters also filter hard materials such as iron. The high amount of iron in water is a common problem nowadays. Iron also causes skin problems like acne. What iron does is that it clogs up the pores in your skin which causes a breakout. Acne can be fixed by medication but you have to get those iron out somehow at the end. That’s why you need a water softener for your shower.

Other hard materials like lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium also get filtered out by these filters. These minerals cause skin damages that cost you a lot of money. So installing a hard water filter for the shower is compulsory if you want to avoid these types of problems.

Hard Water Filter For Shower To Avoid Hair Damages

As you already know the water that contains a high amount of chlorine is hard water. Chlorine helps to kill bacteria by damaging them. But an excessive amount of chlorine can damage your hair. Chlorine will dry out your hair and make it more vulnerable even if you use the best conditioner on the market.

Also, chlorine can damage your hair color. If you use artificial color then it will fade away pretty easily. Thas why you need a water softener for your shower to filter out all the excess chlorine and have a safe damage-free shower every day.

Hard water can also be harmful to your clothes and other fabrics. Elements that make water hard can cause serious damages to your fabrics and make them unusable. There are several elements that damage your clothes and make them unweary. Like iron, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, etc.


Chlorine actually eats out the fibers of the fabric and makes it thinner. Eventually, the clothes tear up. Washing your expensive clothes in chlorinated water may not be a good idea at all.  Clothes like silk, woolen or fur made should face serious damages and cost a lot of money. Because these clothes are pretty soft and weak, and they can be easily damaged by damaging elements like chlorine.


Iron causes stain marks on clothes and make them very noticeable. Especially in white clothes. The marks are pretty deep and anyone can see them from very far away. So you shouldn’t use water that contains a noticeable amount of iron in it. How to solve it? Easy. Use a water softener for your washing machine and remove almost all the iron from your water and make it clean enough to wash clothes.

While hard water is deadly for your skin and hair, it is not that harmful to you when you drink it. Because the amount of magnesium and calcium that makes water hard is acceptable to our body. However, it helps to fill in the gaps of these minerals of our body and provide health benefits.

But for some people, a doctor prescribed filter should be used. Also, the excess amounts of chlorine building up in the water can cause health issues. So some times you have to get rid of the hardness of the water.

Why do you use a bathtub? For relaxing? For passing time? or for a cleaner bath? No matter for which reason you use bathtubs you have to sit there for a long period you stay sank in the water. And this water is from either shower or tap. If for any reason this water is hard and it contains an excess amount of chlorine and iron, imagine what level of damage it can cause you.

If you use a bathtub often you will also notice that regular usage gives the tub a lot of stain marks. These stain marks are caused by iron or calcium. Iron causes orange marks and calcium-oxide causes limescale. Several tricks or solutions are available on the internet to get rid of these problems. But for how long you are gonna follow them?

That’s why you need a hard water filter. A water softener will replace all the excess amounts of hard minerals and stop them from piling on top of your bathtubs. If you use the shower on your bathtub then shower head filter will fix the problem for you. And if you use a regular tap then a whole house hard water filter for an apartment will do the job.

Do you often wash your car and see little stain marks building up in different spots? And these stains are really hard to get rid of. These stains make your car look like a piece of junk. The amount of stain of piled minerals depends on the TDS or total dissolved solids of your water. The more your water contains mineral the more your car will get those marks. But washing your car with softened water can reduce the stains and give it a clean and shiny wash. 

But before you start using a water softener you have to understand how softened waterworks. Softened water actually doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain any hard minerals. The amount of minerals is the same as it was before. You are gonna see minerals piling up just like before. The only difference is that they will be easier to remove and won’t stick as hard as hard water. A simple rub or spray of water will do the job.

There are several ways you can filter your water. You can install a hard water filter for the whole house or you can use a reverse osmosis system to filter your water. When you use a hard water filter for an apartment you can simply install a water supplier outside your house and attach a water hose then wash your car.

Coffee, tea no matter what you are addicted to it is essential for us to drink at least one cup of it every day.  When it’s about drinking water you have to be serious about it. Because we are letting the water flow right into our system and we do not expect it to be contaminated.

Key Factors Of Water That Changes Your Coffee

If we keep the topic of contamination aside for a while, there is another factor to talk about and measure. Flavour.

Yes. Hard water can change your coffee taste and make it taste totally different from the coffee you buy from the shop. Because hard chlorinated water can make the coffee taste rubbish and ruin your day. Coffee contains around 1000 aroma compounds. Hard water can hamper these compounds work and take away the real taste of the coffee. No matter how best your coffee is, no matter how rich or expansive it is you can’t compromise the taste of a real cup of coffee because of the water. 90% of the coffee is water so it is essential to keep it out of bad odor and high amount of chlorine.

Let’s talk about what ruins the quality of a coffee. First of all the smell of the water. If your water contains odor in an excess amount you need to get rid of it. A hard water filter or a reverse osmosis system will do the job.

The second element is chlorine. Chlorine can ruin the taste of water and it can also ruin the flavor of coffee in a noticeable amount. The best way to get rid of chlorine? Install a hard water filter for your apartment or install a reverse osmosis water filter in your kitchen.

There is another factor that determines the flavor of your coffee and it is the PH level of your water. SCA has proven a standard scale of PH to get the best flavor of your coffee and it is 6.5-7.5, mildly acidic.

The water also has to contain all the common minerals in a minimum amount. So that means the water doesn’t have to be 100% pure.

Hard water filter replaces the ions of hard minerals by replacing them. The citric water filter does not work in a different way. It helps to fix the ions by deactivating them and stop them from sticking with your sink, bathtub, water pipes, appliance, You are gonna have minerals in your water but they won’t be sticking with your stuff anymore. This means less cleaning and work also saving a lot of money.

Be aware of overusing the amount of citric acid in your water. Some of the detergents and soap bars contain citric acid in them. Combining them with the citric acid filtered water can cause serious damage to your pots, pipes, and other appliance. You should not expect it to turn your tap water into drinkable. You can have RO filters for that. This citric acid filter will make the water less harmful for your things.


We have described every type of hard water filter that we can get our hands-on. Now it’s your choice to buy whichever you want or need. You can let us know in the comment section about our review and if we have missed any details about any product. Hard water filters are really essential for our daily needs and for our safety.  It can provide you care that will save you from various diseases and problems.

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