Damage of cold water – How bad is gold water

Damage of cold water – How bad is gold water

With the rise in temperatures, many people accept to drink cold water, especially ice, to cool the body and overcome high temperatures .. But do cold drinks really give the body cold? Cold drinks whose temperature is less than the normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, requires the body The production of energy to equalize water temperature with body temperature, according to Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the food education unit at the National Institute of Nutrition, explaining that the brain gives an alert to the body that it is exposed to a cold temperature.

Sore throat

Cold water causes the blood vessels in the throat to constrict, and the body quickly secretes mucus to equalize the temperature of the throat and warm the water, and with the increase in mucus secretion, the throat is exposed to infections and congestion, according to Dr. Hamdi Zakaria, a consultant ear, nose and throat.

Tooth sensitivity

Since the cold water causes the blood vessels in the mouth to constrict, the blood circulation in it decreases, according to Dr. Nasr Al-Qayed, a consultant in dental medicine and surgery, which causes the mouth’s immunity to weaken and thus facilitates gum infections, infections of the roof of the throat, and in the event of a caries that appears His symptoms are severe, in addition to tooth sensitivity.

Stomach infections

In the journey of passing cold water from the mouth to the stomach, the blood vessels in which the water passes constrict and shrink, which affects the digestion process, and impedes the absorption of nutrients during digestion, especially since the body in this case instead of focusing on digesting food focuses on regulating the body temperature According to “food.ndtv”, Dr. Taha Bakri, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, added that cold water causes confusion in the movement of the digestive system, which affects the movement of the colon, so the person suffers either with constipation, diarrhea, or stubbornness, in addition to It causes indigestion and a constant feeling of nausea.

Preventing the burning of fats

Although drinking cold water helps to lose calories in the body, according to Dr. Mohamed Aboul Gheit, professor of therapeutic nutrition at Cairo University, consuming it after eating a meal that contains direct fats causes it to become solid, which causes difficulty in breaking it down, so it is recommended to drink water in general. 30 after a meal

At least a minute.

Reducing the heart rate

Some studies have also shown that cold water may play a role in lowering the heart rate, because it stimulates the work of the vagus nerve, which plays on the heartbeat, causing it to decrease.
What’s the best?

The best is to drink water that is suitable for body temperature and is not less than 5: 6 degrees of body temperature, as agreed upon by Bakri and Nazih.

Does ice water harm the health of the body?

Some believe that ice water is the best choice to moisturize and cool the body during high temperatures, but the truth is that it does not help in cooling the body, rather it has multiple damages to public health .. so what are they?


When you drink iced drinks, the body produces mucus that warms those iced drinks that entered through the throat, leading to sore throats and tonsillitis, according to Dr. Taha Al-Bakri, professor of internal medicine and chest at Al-Azhar University.


Al-Bakri adds that iced drinks affect the movement of the colon and stomach, and cause digestive confusion, as well as their role in exposure to stomach and colon infections, which leads to indigestion and a constant feeling of nausea, explaining that the digestive system organs make a great effort to warm the water and make it suitable to a degree. Stomach and intestinal heat.

The teeth

Dr. Bahaa El-Din Mohamed, a consultant dental and dental surgeon, says that drinking iced drinks increases the symptoms of tooth sensitivity and caries pain if a person suffers from these problems.

Contrary to the popular belief that iced drinks help cool down the body and avoid the feeling of overheating, Dr. Magdy Nazih, head of the nutritional education unit at the National Institute of Nutrition, says that the brain gives the body a signal that it is exposed to a cold temperature when consuming iced drinks, which makes it work to heal the body This explains the feeling of hotness and sweating after consuming those drinks.


Ice water helps to lose weight, contrary to the common belief that warm water is the one that helps in losing weight, and Dr. Muhammad Aboul Gheit, a professor of nutrition in Al Qasr Al-Aini, explains that the body makes a greater effort when drinking ice water to warm it up, which causes it to lose calories. “The best thing is to drink cold water, provided that the temperature is suitable with the body temperature.

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