How Bad is Drinking hot water? Drinking hot water: Harm and caveats

Drinking hot water: harm and caveats

Hot water can cause health damage to the body, so you must beware of drinking hot water, and it is best to drink warm water to obtain its various health benefits.

There are many benefits to the body from drinking warm water on an empty stomach, as it may help in losing excess weight and relieve symptoms of respiratory infection and nasal congestion, as well as may enhance the digestive process.

But one must be careful because hot water can cause many damages in the body.

Damages of drinking hot water

The following are the main health risks of drinking hot water.
Burning tongue or throat: Hot water can cause a burning sensation in the tongue or throat, if you use boiled or close to boiling water, and this causes severe pain and loss of desire to eat.

The risks of drinking hot water increase when consuming large amounts of it in one go.

Damaging tissues in the esophagus: Hot water may also damage the tissues in the esophagus, if you drink it daily.

As the tissues in the esophagus will not tolerate extreme hot water, and thus it can affect its health, which increases the chances of infection of the esophagus with diseases.

Impact on the taste buds: Hot water may affect the taste buds over time, as a result of it causing burns to the mouth and tongue.

Lack of desire to drink water: Drinking hot water may reduce the desire for thirst, and thus the number of times drinking water decreases throughout the day, which is not beneficial to health, and may lead to dehydration.

Increase blood volume: Drinking a lot of hot water can increase the volume of blood in the closed circulation, and this may expose the blood circulation to excessive pressure, which may increase the chances of developing high blood pressure and other heart problems, and therefore it is not recommended to drink more hot water All day long.

Effects on kidney health: Excessive amounts of hot water can lead to kidney damage, and this may cause the digestive system to deteriorate over a period of time.

Precautions for drinking hot water

To avoid the damages of drinking hot water, some attention must be paid, including:

Use warm, not hot water: It is recommended to use warm, not hot water, and it is preferable to test a small sip first before consuming it.

Not to drink hot water in a hot climate or during exercise: This is because drinking hot water reduces the desire to drink water, and thus the risk of dehydration increases, especially if the weather is hot or if you exert a lot of effort that causes sweating.

Not drinking water right before bedtime: Drinking water right before bed leads to the frequent need to urinate, which impedes sleep well during the night, and therefore it is advised not to drink water before going to bed.
Not continuing to drink warm water throughout the day: It is preferable to drink warm water on an empty stomach once a day, and drink plain water throughout the day.

Benefits of drinking warm water

Despite the previously mentioned harms of drinking hot water on an empty stomach, there are some benefits to drinking warm water at a moderate temperature for general body health and for enhancing the health of the various body systems, and the following points explain some of these benefits:

  • Promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Detoxify the body. Improve blood circulation.
  • Helping to lose weight.
  • Reducing the feeling of pain.
  • Fight the common cold and improve sinus health.
  • Hot water is associated with some beneficial drinks such as tea and coffee, but if consumed in a safe amount, excessive caffeine leads to dehydration.
  • Reducing high blood pressure, and drinking hot water for people can reduce stress and reduce feelings of anxiety.

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